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14008Making menu items wrap?

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  • Michael Smith
    Jun 1 4:34 AM
      Hello there,

      Is it possible to have menu items wrapping? My particular wish is to
      have a menu like the example here:


      But with longer nav items that can wrap.

      I've modifed the above example in two ways to show what I am trying to

      1. I've set the width to be 150px by making this change:

      var oMenu = new YAHOO.widget.Menu("menuwithgroups", { width: "150px",
      fixedcenter: true });

      2. I've modifed one of the menu items so it won't fit in to the space
      available. You can see the results here:


      I've not been able to check in IE, but certainly under firefox the
      menu item doesn't wrap, but instead extends beyond the box.

      Is it possible to change this so it does wrap? I've tried lots of css
      changes but to no avail.

      Many thanks