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13180Grids - anyway to get fixed height?

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  • djgroncki
    May 10, 2007

      I've been experimenting with using the grids css (along with css in
      general) to replace the framework for the business app I work on
      which currently uses tables.

      The current look-and-feel guidelines imposed want the web
      application to look more like a desktop app in that the sections
      desired are: 1) a header bar at 100% width across the top, 2) and
      footer bar at 100% width that stays along the bottom, and 3) a main
      page area that contains a navigation section and the main body that
      adjusts in height to fill up the difference between the header and
      footer at whatever size the browser is set to.

      This last bit continues to frustrate my efforts. Has anyone used
      the grid to achieve this full fixed height behavior? If so, if you
      would be willing to share your methods, it would be most

      Thank you... Dave
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