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12809TabView and Map Conflict?

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  • Jon Herron
    Apr 29, 2007
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      I am working on a side project that requires the use of both the tab view and maps on a single page. Each aspect works fine in isolation, however when I try to add the includes for the TabView, as well as the Map, I am getting the following javascript error (testing in FireFox, similar error in IE):

      Error: Y.Dom.getElementsBy is not a function
      Source File: http://yui.yahooapi s.com/2.2. 2/build/yahoo- dom-event/ yahoo-dom- event.js
      Line: 47

      This seems to happen even if I do not create the menu. The end result, besides the error, is that the tabs fail to function properly, as you can see in a demo re-creation that I have uploaded:

      http://www.leftturn solutions. com/tabs. map.htm

      Am I doing something wrong, or is this a conflict when using tabs and a map on the same page? I have tried to reshuffle the order of the javascript includes on the page, but have not seen a difference for the positive.

      Jon Herron

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