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11652Trouble with proxies

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  • John Vieth
    Apr 2, 2007
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      I created an example using dragdrop objects that works great, but I
      can't get it to work when I change the objects from DD objects to
      DDProxy objects. Here's a link to the working example using DD objects:


      ...and here's a link to the same example except using DDProxy objects:


      In the first example (that works), I am able to make the divs snap
      back to their original position if they don't drop onto a valid
      target, and if they *DO* drop on a valid target they swap position
      with the target.

      But in the second example (that doesn't work), the divs don't snap
      back totheir original position onInvalidDrop, and when they swap
      places with their target, they don't quite end up exactly where the
      target was, but rather based on where the mouse cursor was--despite
      the fact that I'm using the exact same code in both examples. The
      only difference in the code is that the second example uses DDProxy
      instead of DD. What gives? Please help me figure this out. Any
      assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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