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1095sliders: passing objects instead of IDs

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  • Reto Bachmann-Gmür
    May 2, 2006
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      I wanted to use yahoo-sliders in a tool which replaces specially marked
      input-fields with sliders [1].

      I'm surpised to see the Slider constructor and functions like
      getHorizSlider to expect the IDs of element rather that the element
      itself. It seem awkward when elements are generated from another script,
      to have to assign an ID to them pass this ID to the Slider-script which
      will look up the element again. Are there particular reasons not to have
      a getHorizSlider-method (or a variant of it) taking the div-elements
      rather than their IDs? (I'd like to restrict the use of strings to code
      which actually deals with text/plain).


      1. for an example of the current implementation which does not yet base
      on the yahoo widget see: http://gmuer.ch/script-examples/slider-devel
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