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  • kmcoleoz
    May 1 11:15 PM

      I believe that I read the IE <= 6 is restricted to 2 concurrent
      XMLHttpRequest calls at a time.

      Is this correct?

      If it is correct and since IE <= 6 will be around for sometime to
      come has anything been discussed about maybe allowing for a FIFO
      array of request objects and getting the connection manager when on
      IE <= 6 automatically popping and pushing requests when connections
      are available?

      This would save the user having to manager the requests. I am
      looking at converting several large applications currently using
      other DHTML methods to simulate AJAX type tasks that were written
      long before XMLHttpRequest was around. They typically use iframes
      in hidden DIV's and similar such black magic, but they gave AJAX
      like functionality before it was around. These methods were
      synchronous within each iframe and required many iframes for
      asynchronous connections all of which had to be managed by the
      programmer which ended up very messy.

      Just a thought!

      Thanks for a great library and feedback interface with this group.

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