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10252Re: Autocomplete hell, help!

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  • jennykhan
    Mar 3, 2007
      Hi there,

      If you are using version 0.12.0 or later, your response type
      definition should look like this:

      myDataSource.responseType = YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR.TYPE_JSON; // static

      Other than that, is your JSON response MIME type set correctly?


      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "ajbarickman" <ajbarickman@...>
      > Hello all,
      > I am trying to use AutoComplete with Lotus Domino. I have been trying
      > everything I can think of but still am having no luck. I am using XHR
      > to return JSON. The JSON is well formed and I know it is coming back
      > as expected. The issue is that I can never get anything displayed in
      > the autocomplete div. I can switch to a static call to a JS_Array or
      > JS_Funtion and the same markup works so its not that.
      > I found that in the parseResponse method it has the data but did not
      > have the 'this.responseType' value. I hardcoded this value temporarily
      > and it continued but I still get nothing returned in the div. I have
      > logging console on and am using the autocomplete_debug.js file it
      > shows no errors.
      > I have a feeling it has something to do with scope but after hours of
      > playing I figured I would turn to the experts here. Any help is
      > greatly appreciated.
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