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10135net try:Menu Treeview with contextmenu, extendAll is not working

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  • mairkreis
    Mar 1, 2007
      hi everybody,

      i am sad, because i hoped to get help here, but i try it again.

      i try 2 things with Menu-Treeview including contextmenu,
      i want to go to have the tree permanently extended.

      I used for this:

      <a href="javascript:tree.expandAll()">Expand all</a>
      <a href="javascript:tree.collapseAll()">Collapse all</a>

      only to see how do this working. isn't working!

      is this feature not included in Menu Treeview with contextmenu?
      if yes, how i get it working and what i have to do to that i get
      optionally the tree extended permanetly.
      The second question is how i get the data for the tree items, i
      receive from a mysql table, via php, into the treeview?

      regards Ludwig