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101082px less while animating div in IE 7

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  • Prashant Nair
    Feb 28, 2007
      I'm trying to move a div using the following code:

      var attributes = {
      points: {
      to: [200, 200]
      width: {to: 200},
      height: {to: 200}

      anim = new YAHOO.util.Motion(obj.id, attributes, 1,

      ON IE 7:
      the div moves to left:198 and top:198 insted of left:200 and top:200

      ON FF:
      the div moves correctly to left:200 and top:200

      Is this a known issue? Is there are work around? Or am I doing
      something wrong?

      You help is truly appreciated.

      Thanking all you wonderful people in advance.

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