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10043IE drag and drop problem

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  • studmanie
    Feb 27, 2007
      I dynamically generate a table like:

      var row = tblGuests.insertRow(tblGuests.rows.length);
      var td;
      var mydd;
      row.id = "row" + id;
      mydd = new YAHOO.util.DDProxy("row" + id);
      td = row.insertCell(0);
      td.innerHTML = "";
      td = row.insertCell(1);
      td.innerHTML = "";

      New drag and drop works in firefox, but when I use it in IE 7 it
      messes up. When I drag a row it and drop it, valid or invalid, the row
      moves out of the table and disappears somewhere else on the page. This
      is with no drop targets, it just moves by itself. Anyone have any idea
      why it does this?