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10023Re: Scriptaculous create Sortable - Drag and Drop - with YUI

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  • rowanlaurence
    Feb 27, 2007
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      Hi Dav, that's nearly there but I know my work will not sign off a
      tech demo of this CMS based on the YUI drag and drop - its just not as
      usable as it could be without returning to start animations, divs /
      lis moving out of the way so you can see exactly where the dragged
      object will go when its dropped. Also returning the content of the
      lists seems very hard to do with YUI.

      I would love to have a go at writing my own yui object based on drag
      drop but I just dont think I have the time/resources to do that when
      Scriptaculous does it all for me, albeit without your tools working.


      Would you have any tips on how I could possibly start to work on a way
      to have:

      elements that have animation to return to their original position -
      not using x/y coordinates but to their original position in a list of

      a space left by the element when it moves and one made for where it
      will be inserted into the page

      drag handles - Im using inline edit as well so need a handle to drag
      so that users dont get confused with editing / dragging - is the best
      way to do this as in the example here :

      ghosting - I think I read that this would be hard because of how YUI
      drags elements

      Easy way to get the order of elements from the list - sortable.serialize

      Easy way to run a function on drag - in scriptaculous you just set it

      Basically - make this page -
      - but only using YUI - that would keep my page weight down, libraries
      consistant and I would love YUI more than I already do!

      Also - are you going to release the grid builder as part of YUI? I
      think that would be a very welcome feature to lots of apps.



      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, dav.glass@... wrote:
      > Rowan --
      > I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but here it is:
      > http://blog.davglass.com/files/yui/sortable/
      > I released a patch a little while back to support other tags besides
      > Hope that helps 8-)
      > Dav
      > Dav Glass
      > dav.glass@...
      > blog.davglass.com
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      > From: rowanlaurence <rowanlaurence@...>
      > To: ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 6:11:24 AM
      > Subject: [ydn-javascript] Scriptaculous create Sortable - Drag and
      Drop - with YUI
      > Im making a big change to our CMS and am using YUI with scriptaculous,
      > but the only reason im using scriptaculous is that YUI cant make (or
      > is difficult to produce the same effect) the really nice drag and drop
      > that comes as standard out of the box - IE sortable.create vs yui's
      > creating a prototype with animations based on drag events.
      > Im now using Dav Glass' yahoo.tools which wont work with prototype /
      > scriptaculous so I need to find a YUI compatible way of making lists
      > (in this case floating divs) with really nice animation / ghosting
      > that isnt going to take me three weeks to program.
      > Does anyone know of a place where I could find someone who may have
      > already done this or could anyone help out with finding a way to do
      > it. Ive searched around the forums and seen some examples but none of
      > them really do what scriptaculous does in one line of code.
      > If only it wasnt so damn heavy / worked with yahoo tools.
      > Thanks
      > Rowan
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