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2396Carousel: Getting to CarouselItem(s)

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  • Jason
    Aug 9 9:22 PM
      Same component, different topic.

      The carousel in my project lets the user to initiate a load sequence (i.e. a .swf) into a UILoader instance. My project is essentially a shell to browse through and view a variety of training material.

      When the user has finished viewing a particular item, I want to set the value of a variable in the corresponding CarouselItem which will set the visibility of a MovieClip (a checkmark) to true. I added this value "completed" using the commitFunction from the CellRendererSymbol class.

      Question is: How do you get/retrieve/reference the CarouselItem objects that are created by the carousel's layoutRenderer? The carousel has an array (activeCellRenderers) but it's protected.

      I'm saving the completion data in a SharedObject so the next time the interface is loaded, I can re-enable the checkmark in the CarouselItem objects that were previously completed.

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