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Re: Error: signature Mismatch Hi Ricardo: Hope you have gotten past this. Verified your signature generation function. It looks OK. Regards, -Ravi
Nov 12, 2009
Re: Developer Registration Questions Hiya, Wrong place indeed to post this; you need to make your own thread rather than posting in mine... But I can help you with these issues all teh same to
Nov 12, 2009
User's Yahoo! account information in a third party email client. BBA HI, I am able to auhtenticate the user with BBAUTH and I am getting users contact list too. How I can fetch user's Yahoo! account information in a third party
Nov 12, 2009
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Re: Using APIs for Single Login? ... ps. I'm aware I could probably hack together the login page form details for OAuth or BBAuth (if the key creation facility was working) and spoof an
Nov 12, 2009
unable to determine aouth type Hi, i wrote the following class in java for getting contacts. I am using BBauth. public class GetAllContactsTest extends AbstractTestCase{ final Logger LOGGER
Oct 6, 2009
Write Access to Address Book(Contacts API) Hi, When i tried to register for my application, i get a list of all the scopes. I found that the scope for Address Book is read only. Can i modify or delete
Sep 11, 2009
Developer Registration Questions I am not sure if this is where I should be asking this, but I am almost totally lost as to what I am supposed to be doing, and the instructions seem to be
Sep 8, 2009
Using APIs for Single Login? Hi, I wish to have my website simply login to the yahoo mail account for the my organisation so as to retrieve our address book and keep the details of the
Aug 28, 2009
getting user Credentials: What am I doing wrong? Hi: I have registered a strawman application, "Email Teller" that can potentially access the yahoo mail services for a given user. Unexpected output in the
Aug 3, 2009
Dont know how to recognize the user authenticating Hello! I am building an application using yahoo's bbauth. I have managed to authenticate the user correctly. The thing is that I do not know which user is the
Jul 29, 2009
Re: Displaying BBAuth appid Bad? ... I don't believe the AppID by itself would pose a problem, just make sure to not include the AppID *with* the secret, otherwise someone could start
Brian Cantoni
Jul 23, 2009
Re: bbauth - when user chooses "i do not agree" ... Semih, this is working "as designed", meaning that it always defaults back to the YDN homepage when permission is denied or canceled. (Actually, it now
Brian Cantoni
Jul 23, 2009
bbauth - when user chooses "i do not agree" Hi All, I've implemented Yahoo's BBAuth and it's working alright, but when the user chooses not to give permission and clicks "I Do Not Agree" button in the
Jun 24, 2009
Displaying BBAuth appid Bad? Is it bad or a security issue to display the BBAuth "appid" in the query string for others to see? for example:
Jun 15, 2009
Please confirm your request to join ydn-auth Hi guys, I'm trying rerun kennedy app sample. as long as i've not token yet, i add function login in after create BBAuthentication instance. look like this:
hira sirojudin
Jun 15, 2009
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Passing BBAUTH appid with Query string bad? If I have an application and it is displaying the BBAuth appid in the query string is it a security problem? example:
Jun 15, 2009
Fw: HTTP Transport error : '411' - 'Length Required'; nested excepti Hi All, I'm facing below error during getUserData via axis transport ws. HTTP Transport error : '411' - 'Length Required'; nested exception is: this is little
Hira Sirojudin
Jun 15, 2009
Displaying BBAuth "appid" in querystring a security issue? I am building a web app with "single sign on" and was wondering if displaying the "appid" is a security issue for example:
Diego Montalvo
Jun 10, 2009
Re: Error: signature Mismatch before make the curl call i'm doing this [...] $url = urlencode($this->generateAuthURL()); curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); [...] ...and I have the same
Ricardo Scattini
Jun 4, 2009
Re: Error: signature Mismatch ... You're not calling urlencode() on any of the URL query parameters. It's entirely possible that would cause a signature verification error. -- Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy
Jun 2, 2009
Error: signature Mismatch Hi: I'm developing an app in PHP to import contacts from Yahoo API throughout BBAuth. I followed carefully all the steps to generate/make the Signature. The
Ricardo Scattini
Jun 2, 2009
Re: How is Twitter authenticating user with Yahoo! without the redir Probably they are not using BBAuth Maybe all they are doing is a manual HTTP request to the Yahoo AddressBook site to export the user's contact list as a CSV
Raul Macias
May 31, 2009
How is Twitter authenticating user with Yahoo! without the redirecti Hi, I am trying to build an invitation tool for my web app just like Twitter's (http://twitter.com/invitations). I've been reading about the BBAuth mechanism
Rubayeet Islam
May 31, 2009
Re: Testing BBAuth -- Does https "referer" header element matter? Hi Pete, a mock service is something you create, it behaves like you program it, so it depends only on you if it requires a new app id or it accepts your live
May 29, 2009
Re: Testing BBAuth -- Does https "referer" header element matter? Tibor -- Have you succeeded with "pointing your app to [a test site]"? When we try this, we get errors, per previous emails in this thread. In order to set up
May 29, 2009
Re: Testing BBAuth -- Does https "referer" header element matter? You could try setting up a mock service and point your app to that one while testing.
May 19, 2009
Re: Testing BBAuth -- Does https "referer" header element matter? I have exactly the same question: what is the best way to test Yahoo Browser Based Authentication locally? there should be a way for us developers to test this
Raul Macias
May 19, 2009
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Re: bbAuth C# - Cannot Access Session after login In the first page, where you send the user to the login screen, you need to store the Yahoo.Authentication object in session state first like so: // Create an
Raul Macias
May 11, 2009
Testing Yahoo Browser Based Authentication locally I want to know what is the best way to test BBAuthentication locally (in a dev machine that is not exposed to the internet). I know for example that this can
Raul Macias
May 11, 2009
Hi, i want to know how to use yahoo api for authentication of email Hi, i want to know how to use yahoo api for authentication of email id. Where can i find the skelton code of the yahoo api function which enable email
Apr 29, 2009
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