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Re: Y30 owners list?

Hi! We enjoyed our sailing days but sold our Yankee 30 several years ago and have moved on to land travels. Mike Toth Sent from my iPad
Leslie Toth
Sep 4

Re: Y30 owners list?

Hi Steve, Thanks for your email. I know the recent history of my boat, but most of what came before is hearsay. It's been on the hard at Napa for about 8
Michael Miller
Aug 28

Y30 owners list?

HI, Was part of the old yahoo group - would like to get the latest/last list of Y30 owners. Am viewing one today (Hull 40) and would like to know its history.
Steve Chaum
Aug 26

be one of us

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May 15, 2016

Re: Yankee 30 for Sale

She gorgeous. I've got hull #47 for sale. They are the most beautiful boats ever Sent from my iPhone
Jo Kelly Edwards
Apr 4, 2016

Yankee 30 for Sale

My partner and I purchased a new boat and so it's time to sell Double Play. There is a website with all of the information here: Double Play
Apr 3, 2016
Stewart Carter
Aug 13, 2015

Re: our yankee 30, 124 , Mk 3 for sale

Where is she laying? Pictures? Thanks, Stewart Carter Ph/Txt: 503-857-7772 stewart@...
Stewart Carter
Aug 13, 2015

our yankee 30, 124 , Mk 3 for sale

I am selling our yankee 30 mk 3 , # 124 after a refit including second set of sails, and full rebuild of the Pilot 10 Westerbeke Diesel by the US Bukh
Aug 13, 2015

Yankee 30 is on Facebook

Facebook is easier to use and has some features that facilitate group interaction and sharing, so I created a Yankee 30 Facebook group. Try it out and join.
Nov 13, 2014

Re: Introduction?

Austin, Thanks for taking the initiative and looking forward to seeing the cite grow! Neal Ruxton Jam Jam #90, San Francisco ... Subject: [yankee30] Re:
Nov 2, 2014

Re: Introduction?

Austin, That introduction is greatly apprediated. The site looks good to me and I am on board. Hope that you and Steve do get together. Steve... and the
Keehn, Dane
Nov 1, 2014

Re: Lazaret cockpit drain.

Steve Thank you so much for all of what you did for the Yankee 30 world. Without you I would have never had that wonderful sailboat-Headway MK III. Like you,
Richard Cox
Nov 1, 2014

Re: Introduction?

Hello Dane! I'm the proud owner of the Heritage Y30 "Felicity" pictured somewhere here on this forum. I'm a full time liveaboard, who is in the process of
Nov 1, 2014

Re: Lazaret cockpit drain.

I owned the domain name “yankee30.org” for a long time. Don’t any longer. Steve Botts Yankee 30 “Amigo” Pt. Richmond, CA From:
Steve Botts
Oct 31, 2014
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