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Re: PSR 740 sold, PSR 2000 bought - first impressions

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  • Bob Gelman
    Dear Carlos, Here are two experiments you may want to try: 1) Given the Factory Registrations (which take up SOME of that 580Kb), about how many of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Dear Carlos,

      Here are two experiments you may want to try:

      1) Given the Factory Registrations (which take up SOME of that
      580Kb), about how many of our "typical" PSR Group collection styles can you

      2) Try loading some Arabic or Turkish styles that have a "weird"
      drum track. Try revoicing that drum track to the new "Arabic" Drum set on
      the 2000; any improvement?



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      From: "Carlos Rodrigues" <gcam0342@...>
      To: "Bob Gelman" <annelyse@...>; <simon@...>;
      Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 3:05 AM
      Subject: PSR 740 sold, PSR 2000 bought - first impressions

      > Dear Bob and Simon,
      > I have received few hours ago my new PSR 2000. Here are the first
      > impressions:
      > User styles: Direct disk styles playing. Just introduce a disk, wait only
      > one second and the styles are disposable. Just choose the intended style
      > the side display buttons, wait less than 2 seconds and it's ready for
      > playing.
      > The limit for Internal User styles (instantaneous playing) is 580 KBy
      > of Flash memory-580 KBy) (there is not a fixed limit in number of User
      > styles as on the previous PSR 730 and 740).
      > The Internal styles are quite identical to PSR 740 or 9000.
      > The Preset Internal voices are also identical to PSR 740 thought now there
      > are more additional voices, and some cool and live voices from 9000.
      > The Registration Memory also is different from 740. Now, there is not a
      > fixed number of Banks. It's similar to the Explorer of Windows. We create
      > Forders and sub-folders until the limit of the flash memory that is still
      > not used.
      > There are the same 7 DSPs as on 740: DSP1 to styles and songs. DSP2,3,4
      > Right and Left voices. DSP Mic for Talk mic function. Reverb and Chorus as
      > System DSPs). The news is that DSP4 is used to Vocal Harmanizer when this
      > on with the Effect on. This is, the DSP mic is only to Talk mic function,
      > not for Vocal harmony.
      > The Mic has now a 3 band equalizer, a noise gate and a compressor all
      > editable.
      > The operative system is not so simple as 740, though now there are a lot
      > parameters that can be configured, while on 740 the feature is there but
      > normaly it's not configurable. Eg.: User effects.
      > There is not direct Groove on the styles as on 740. On 2000 we can use the
      > Groove but it's necessary to store the style in the user or disk memory to
      > use it with the programable groove. It seems that is equal to 9000.
      > During styles (and songs playback) there are in the Main Display a Bar
      > indicator counting the measures already played along the song and a Beat
      > indicator counting the beats 1, 2, 3.... instead of tradicional dots or
      > Leds.
      > There are two split points: one for Style chords and other for Left voice,
      > whose may be or not different according with the user.
      > Now there are step by step style or song recording with event list
      > I don,t know yet the power of copy and paste function.
      > The Feet pedals (2) can control much more things, eg.: changing Mains in
      > style, Fills, Fade in/out, percussion voices playing with feet, etc.
      > There is the function Chain songs playing as on 740.
      > Thre are 10 preset Organ Flutes and a creator voice for organ flutes or
      > other voice.
      > It's nice the Score and Lyrics display with a jumping point ball, moving
      > along the beats and measures.
      > The top color is aluminum color and the back, sides and bottom is clear
      > gray. I don't like. I would prefer tradicional near black.
      > And for today it's enough.
      > Kind Regards
      > Carlos Rodrigues
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