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QUICK AND EASY: Page Turner USB FootSwitch ?

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  • Bob Gelman
    Hi Scott, The saga continues.............. I m not concerned about support for XT. It is very stable now. This setup is going to be off line and dedicated
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2013
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                   Hi Scott,

                               The saga continues..............

                                            I'm not concerned about support for XT.  It is very stable now.  This setup is going to be off line and "dedicated" to reading music sheet files  (I have a bunch of these <$100 ThinkPads so I suffer no loss keeping it exclusively for this use).

                                             When I saw I'd have to pay close to $15 to ship the Footime I got inspired to "take another look".  In this case I discovered that Adobe Reader 7 has a quick and cheap solution built in.  I went to PREFERENCES and under FULL SCREEN I found a box that lets you control page turns with a mouse click.   I simply plugged in a mouse and put it on the floor (took OUT the track ball to disable tracking) and use my foot to advance the pages with one of the mouse buttons  (I've got the mouse on a bit of non-slip shelf lining (rubber mesh).   I'll use this setup for a while and then probably just wire in a dedicated "musician's foot switch" to the mouse contacts for forward advance   (I can reach up to the notebook PC's back arrow to go backward if I ever want that  -- but I rarely play music backward ;)   ).


      PS:  Shipping on this no cost fix was ZERO , ha ha

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      From: scott_langholff@...
      Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 01:26:19 -0800
      Subject: Re: [yamaha-psr-styles] Page Turner USB FootSwitch ?


      I realize that adobe etc will allow you to rotate the music itself, but, what I was referring to is everything else about your computer screen including the individual pdf files whether fake books or individual lead sheets are kind of hard to read as all those titles will be at a 90 degree angle.  If you're just sticking in one book and spend the night then it probably is no big deal to you, but I use mostly single page lead sheets that I got out of a fake book, scanned or whatever.  I've got thousands of those and trying to look up those files without a screen tilt is very uncomfortable to the neck and would certainly look pretty weird in public in my case. But really it's the comfort here.
      So what you're talking about here with older laptops I agree with you and that's what I've been using. The only thing I am concerned about at this time is none of the new laptops will open flat, they have a widescreen which really cuts down on the size of the music, there will be blank space on the top and or bottom. Also take into account that windows xp will no longer get support starting either this year or next.  Those older laptops with the features that work well on the side pretty much uses xp.

      From: Jørgen Sørensen <josojosodk@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 2:52 AM
      Subject: Re: [yamaha-psr-styles] Page Turner USB FootSwitch ?

      Hi Bob

      Oh yes, we all have different needs...
      I setup the three pedal footswitch to next page, previous page and toggle 2 pages/1 page...

      I have not rotated my laptop. I have bought a used 19" LCD screen real cheap, and connected this to the old laptop.


      From: Bob Gelman <bobgelman@...>
      To: "yamaha-psr-styles@yahoogroups.com" <yamaha-psr-styles@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:37 AM
      Subject: RE: [yamaha-psr-styles] Page Turner USB FootSwitch ?

                   Hi Jorgen/Norm, et alia.,

                                I think your software/3x switch combo would be great for gigs Jorgen, but as I mentioned, I'm just going to use it at home playing at random from fakebooks, and not doing anything fancy.  What Norm has done is just what I had in mind.

                                Again, as I mentioned several years ago, older laptops are really cheap.  They have nice big screens.  And now, with cheap USB thumb drives you don't have to worry about the small size of older hard drives to load your entire fake book collection.   You're getting a way bigger screen than you'd have with an IPad this way and the whole setup should cost no more than $100 -  $150.  

                                Norm, most any program that opens music files (.pdf  / .jpg/  etc  will have a button for rotating the screen display.  There is no need to look at the screen sideways ;)     

                                 I use   IrfanView    http://www.irfanview.com/main_download_engl.htm
         to "fix" (resize, make darker, etc.) any music sheet file that is unreadable.  Otherwise I just use Adobe Reader for most music sheet files.  There is a single button to orient the music the right way and Control L fills the entire screen with the music. 

                                  There is one other page turner I found, at Amazon : Cicada for $90.  http://www.amazon.com/PageFlip-Cicada-Bluetooth-Automatic-Turner/dp/B004N1K4BM/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_2
      It get mixed reviews.  It doesn't seem as robust as the  BiLiPro Foottime  and cost twice as much.  

                                                 So, I think I'm going to order the Footime unit.



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      From: norm.ruttle@...
      Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 17:48:55 -0500
      Subject: Re: [yamaha-psr-styles] Page Turner USB FootSwitch ? [2 Attachments]

      [Attachment(s) from Norm Ruttle included below]
      Hi Bob  -  Couple of pictures of my setup. I use the BiLiPro Foottime page turner – works just great – about $50.  -  Norm
      Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:38 AM
      Subject: [yamaha-psr-styles] Page Turner USB FootSwitch ?

                    I finally got around to testing my idea for using an old IBM Thinkpad PC as a .pdf music reader.  I was inspired by the 64gb  thumb drive I found for $30 ;)  This isn't a picture of my setup, but it's what I had in mind:
                  The screen is 13" and I can actually see/read the music displayed (unlike my Kindle, which is too small to be usable.  For Fakebooks with songs on a single page there is no problem.  I can flip to a following page with the arrow keys but I'd prefer a footswitch.  For those who didn't see it, this rather amusing video is NOT what I want to end up with:
                 So, while I do have a bit of electronics (ham radio) background the thought of hacking a USB keyboard or numeric  keypad to some footswitches isn't very appealing at the moment.  Your feedback on the alternatives is what I'm looking for.  Please remember that I'm NOT using this with an IPAD or Android tablet.  This is a PC running Windows XT. 
                  The best possibilities seem to be:
      AirTurn’s BT-105, PageFlip’s Cicada, and Bili’s Footime.  

                      SEE:  http://www.forscoreapp.com/page-turners/
                            Can I get some feedback from any users?    I like to sight read Fakebooks, so I intend to just select what interests me at a given moment (e.g., picking a .pdf song or book of songs).  I'm not going to concern myself with SEARCH.  So, my need is really just page forward/down.
                                     Thanks in advance,

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