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Fw: [yamaha-psr-styles] Fake Books/PDF format : IPAD, KINDLE, etc.

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  • Bob Gelman
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      Subject: [yamaha-psr-styles] Fake Books/PDF format : IPAD, KINDLE, etc.


      Hi Mike,
           I've recently bought a KINDLE reader.  Cost me ~$110 including shipping, tax, and after a rebate.  I like it a lot.  I've only got public domain free stuff on it (mostly all pre-1922 (c) ).  I've put 500-600 "books" on it already (I say"books" because I've included a bunch of .pdf's).  I did put on a bunch of .pdf fakebooks as an experiment.  Page turns are much slower with .pdf than normal e-read stuff.  The .pdf music stuff is too small with using the built in magnifier -- but that brakes up the sheet into multiple pages which is impractical for use while you're playing.  One could, I believe, view a whole single page of music if you put some kind of large magnifier in front of the KINDLE (like what a dentist uses or what they put in front of small screen B/W TV's when they came out in the '40's). 
           All in all I'd say the KINDLE is probably not the greatest way of storing .pdf music for use when playing.  I'd much rather use one of my older PC laptops.  An old THINKPAD could probably be had for the same price as the Kindle.  I think it would work better for music. 
           Which is not to say I'm in any way disappointed with the Kindle.  Having a whole room of classic books at my bedside or in such a small elegant device is marvelous, even if it doesn't do the music sheets. 
           I suspect you'll find something similar with the IPAD.  Buy it if you want an IPAD.  If in fact it does do music (e.g., you can easily view single whole pages and turn/find stuff easily) sheet .pdf than that would be a plus.  But I wouldn't buy it (COST !!!) for that purpose alone.  For JUST the music I'd recommend the old PC notebook (which you could also load with .sty files, etc.).
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      Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:03 PM
      Subject: [yamaha-psr-styles] Fake Books/PDF format


       Hi all,
      I'm looking for a fake book,  Jazz and/or pop in PDF format.   I'm also thinking of purchasing an iPad.   I understand that the iPad can read music in PDF format and that it is very readable.  The pages turn easy using one finger.
      Anyone have any experience with this.  It would be a great way to put your music in one location.
      Melody Mike

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