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RE: [yamaha-psr-songs] PSR 8000 users look here!

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  • Steffi
    Hej Gunnar, darf ich Deine private Email Adresse haben? gunnarlemke@yahoo.se scheint nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Gruss Steffi ... From: gunnarlemke
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2002
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      Hej Gunnar,
      darf ich Deine private Email Adresse haben?
      gunnarlemke@... scheint nicht mehr zu funktionieren.
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      From: gunnarlemke [mailto:gunnarlemke@...]
      Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2002 10:43 PM
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      Subject: [yamaha-psr-songs] PSR 8000 users look here!

      Hi there

      I still love the PSR8000 after all these years, but to find new
      inspiration I´m thinking of buying a couple of products from the
      yamaha-europe /German homepage. I´m interested to hear reviews on;


      It´s tempting to buy these voice disks, but what about quality and
      ease of use, is it worth the price? Is one disk in particular a
      better choice?

      This praxis book, could it be something, I think I have a good grip
      around all the aspects and functions of the PSR 8000 but perhaps
      there is something new to learn in this book? (I´m half-german by the


      And to some extent I`m interested in these registrations, though they
      seem a bit expensive.


      Long time ago I uploaded some custom voices to this group, but only
      one or two got them to work, if someone know the right way to send
      them and want to use them please tell me.

      I have a bunch of custom voices (no samples):
      some exciting synth voices,
      a couple of guitars with the classic fret noice in the low range of
      the keyboard
      velocity-sensitive trumpets that changes from mute to fullblown
      and saxophones + panflute voices that use the modulation wheel to
      control the brightness filter.

      I have some registrations too that sounds nice, for ex:
      one Mark Knopfler guitar reg,
      a String reg that i use very often in my songs,
      and a "Sweet soprano sax" reg (inspiration from the 9000 voice) that
      with custom voices and aftertouch settings sounds "live".

      I for one would be interested if someone in the group has something
      to share, or has tips and tricks regarding the custom voice creator
      on the PSR8000.

      Lovely day
      /Gunnar Lemke

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