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  • Joe Bollard
    Nov 9, 2013
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      hello friends, joe bollard from the republic of ireland here,i've been a
      member of this list for more years than i care to remember, but now i'm
      seeking help, i am now semi retired, having been a professional musician for
      most of my life, and now i want to fulfil a promise i made to myself when i
      purchased my PSR three thousand, i want to access the whole instrument, all
      these years i've only been using about thirty per cent of the capabilities
      of the instrument, but now that i have a little moretime i want to explore
      it, so, where can i get the manual for the PSR three thousand? i can not
      afford a tyros, but will enjoy exploring the three thousand, thanks for
      taking the trouble to read this, o, by the way, not that it makes much
      difference, i'm one of the blind subscribers to this list, take care, god
      bless, travel safely, joe bollard, the republic of ireland.
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