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accessible way to make sure all my messages gets downloaded for outl

Hi. using jaws 2018, and using outlook 2010, is there an accessible way to get to my settings and make sure that the enabled option so it then downloads to my
Marvin Hunkin
Nov 3, 2017

email troubles

I wrote before and was asked what my inernet provider said when I complained about my email not working right. Well they didn't know because they have nothing
Oct 13, 2017

Re: my email

Well what happens when you call about your email? Sent from my iPhone ... Well what happens when you call about your email? Sent from my iPhone On Oct 5, 2017,
Simon Wong
Oct 5, 2017

Re: my email

My internet service is from Spectrum, formerly Time Warner. Sbcglobal used to be AT&T but now I don't know. Judy _____ From: y-accessibility@yahoogroups.com
Oct 5, 2017

Re: my email

Who do you have your internet service from judy? Sent from my iPhone ... Who do you have your internet service from judy? Sent from my iPhone On Oct 4, 2017,
Simon Wong
Oct 4, 2017

my email

Hi, lately, I'd say for the past few months periodically my email goes nuts. I am using office outlook program for my email as it is easier to use this way. It
Oct 4, 2017

repeat emails

For the past week I have been having trouble with getting up to 40 or 50 of the exact same email. It happens only with this one list I am on but with nothing
Sep 29, 2017

Re: Yahoo groups website

OK, I am using JAWS 18 and NVDA. I am finding that the yahoo groups website is a mess when I am trying to activate the button menus on the site. Not only that,
Andrew Summers
Jul 20, 2017

Re: Yahoo groups website

Hello Andrew, I'd like to try to help. Could you give me some details on what you are trying to do? Also, can you tell me the screen reader and browser you
Jul 20, 2017

Re: Yahoo groups website

Not only that, the button menus don't work... Andrew ... From: 'Andrew Summers' asummers112@... [y-accessibility] Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 9:16
Andrew Summers
Jul 19, 2017

Yahoo groups website

Hello All, Sorry for the rant. I am trying to change a setting in a yahoo group I am in and can't. Yahoo being, yahoo the yahoo groups site is a no go. It's
Andrew Summers
Jul 19, 2017

Re: being kicked off an email list

Hello Judy, Our help desk may be able to assist you. You can reach them at accessibility@... Darren From: y-accessibility@yahoogroups.com
Darren Burton
Jul 15, 2017

being kicked off an email list

Hi, I am on a Jaws email list, which isn't a Yahoo list, but sbcglobal kicked me off thinking it was a spam list. It has seemed to resolve itself now, but I
Jul 9, 2017


Hi, just checking to see if this message goes through thank you. Sent from my iPhone
Jun 26, 2017

Re: just checking

In the future, could you please type the list to whom you are sending a message in the BCc field, in order to avoid spreading dangerous viruses and malware to
    Feb 28, 2017
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