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7444PDFLib 2010 is released

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  • xml2pdf
    May 12, 2010
      Altsoft announces the release of PDFLib formatting engine. Altsoft PDFLib family consists of PDF Merge and PDF Split formatting engines. PDF Merge and PDF Split are the engines used to merge several PDF documents or split a PDF document into several parts. Merging or splitting PDF documents allows organizing PDF documents in such a way that their management and application will become easier. Therefore work with PDF documents becomes more productive and efficient with Altsoft easy-to-use formatting engines.
      The key features of PDFLIb are the following:
      • Efficient and quicker access to electronic data
      • Compact data storing
      • Merging / splitting PDF documents
      • Electronic digital signature
      • Setting PDF as background
      • Easy document's management
      • Supervision of a folder's content
      • Friendly user interface