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Re: Can' see extended logic partitions

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  • blchai
    Hi, Guys, Good news - after unhide the super extend logical partition itself I now can see my individual logical partitions ;-) I have read the multiboot web
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 2, 2004
      Hi, Guys,

      Good news - after unhide the "super" extend logical partition itself
      I now can see my individual logical partitions ;-)

      I have read the multiboot web page at www.goodells.net and I have to
      say this is a well written, excellent article! Following the suggestions,
      I now install all my OSs in the primary partitions (no Win98 anymore
      just to avoid any undesired damage to my large disk), and plan to
      move some OSs to the logical partition later on using DriveImage or

      I want to have all my OSs totally separate from each other to
      1). limit the potential damage caused by any virus; and
      2). to avoid accidental file/disk damage by my kid (set up a boot
      item just for kid to play games, nothing else...)

      Happy XOSL ...

      --- In xosl@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Goodell" <dg1261@c...> wrote:
      > --- Baolong Chai <blchai@y...> wrote:
      > > This is an excellent point, I assume that you mean to
      > > unhide the "super" extend partition in xosl when set
      > > up the boot items. I will check that when I get home
      > > after work ...
      > >
      > > BTW, anybody has experience to install MS Windows on
      > > the extend logical partitions (boot and run from
      > > logical partition) using xosl + partman ?
      > If you hide the extended partition itself, then none of the logical
      > volumes within the extended partition will be seen, regardless of
      > whether they are individually hidden or not.
      > I discuss how to install MS OS's in logical partitions on my webpage
      > at www.goodells.net/multiboot. As Mike said, you cannot natively
      > install a MS OS completely to a logical partition, you would have to
      > first install it to a primary partition and then move it intact to
      > the logical partition. DriveImage 2002 can do that, and I believe
      > Ghost also can. I have no experience with partman, but it doesn't
      > appear to be for moving a partition intact from primary to logical.
      > One workaround might be to use a small primary partition for the
      > 2K/XP ntloader, but that would mean you'd have to go through two
      > boot menus to load 2K or XP -- first XOSL to choose [98, linux, or
      > 2K/XP], then MS's ntloader/boot.ini to choose [2K or XP]. It would
      > also mean that the small primary would be C: and the rest of 2K or
      > XP would be D: (or something else). If you go that route, I would
      > suggest increasing the size of the XOSL partition slightly to about
      > 60MB and make it FAT, then use that partition to double as your
      > 2K/XP startup partition. (In that case, you would use the XOSL
      > option to install to a DOS partition -- which requires a min size of
      > about 60MB.)
      > I note you are using a primary partition as a data partition, and
      > I'm presuming you want to access that from Win98. If so, Mike
      > mentioned another point you should heed. DOS and Win9x were not
      > designed to run with multiple primaries visible. They will, and may
      > appear to work for awhile, but there is an obscure bug that can
      > cause file corruption if the last volume in the extended partition
      > is not recognizable to the OS. So unless your last logical drive is
      > an unhidden FAT/FAT32 volume, you're asking for trouble.
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