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  • Geurt Vos
    Hi everyone, It s been a long time, but I finally have some good news: NEW SITE: Everyone, please update your link to: http://www.xosl.org my new e-mail
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 1999
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      Hi everyone,

      It's been a long time, but I finally have some good news:

      NEW SITE:
      Everyone, please update your link to:

      my new e-mail address is:

      The site is completely (and I mean completely) updated,
      so pay it a visit.

      http://www.xosl.org made possible by Edwin Wang.

      Finally I have I uploaded a new version of XOSL.
      It is still the pre-release version. It's called 1.1.0.dv1
      (developer version 1). It's not a half-baked
      implementation. Everything in the boot manager
      is implemented. The difference with what will be
      the official release is that it will have just some more
      improvements, and at least one bug fix.
      You will find the readme file, which is included in this
      new distribution, at the end of this mail. It holds a list
      of all improvements, and the one 'non-critical' bug I
      have found.

      In addition to this mailing list, I have created an
      announcement list. It will be used to announce
      new releases and bugs only. You cannot post
      any messages to this list. So, if you like this
      better, instead of the discussion list, and want
      to subscribe, visit:



      Here you will find a list of new and improved features of XOSL 1.1.0.dv1, as
      will as a bug list. If you find any bugs not stated in this document, please
      mail them to: geurt@...


      New and improved features:

      Radio Buttons.
      The radio buttons now act more natural. They now behave is in most
      windowing systems. Instead of a widget per radio button, now a group of
      radio buttons is one widget. Up and down is used to select. Actually,
      the radio buttons act exactly the same as list boxes. So also page up/
      page down/home/end can be used.

      Edit Box
      New in edit boxes: cursor keys can be used, as well as home/end. Escape
      will clear the edit box. Page Up/Ctrl Left and Page Down/Ctrl Right will
      move the cursor four positions

      PageUp/PageDown/Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right can be used to move the cursor 8
      positions. Also Home and End can be used now.

      Choose OS window:
      Use up/down keys at any time to select a different item. Also the index of
      the items can be used to select them, so 1-9,a-n (upto 24 items). When the
      radio buttons group is the active control, Enter will boot the selected

      About window:

      Configuration window:
      Unhide is now called reveal, and a reveal all button is added

      Instead of just the primary partitions of the first HD, now any
      partition can be activated.

      Preference window:
      The fade-in (the transition from splash screen to boot menu) can be

      The intensity of the fade-in color can be changed. 0% is black, 100% is

      New section on the preference window.

      The restart key (F10) can be customized, and in addition a key for cold
      reboot and a key to shutdown the computer are added.

      Shutdown can soft power off your computer. This is still experimental,
      and may not work on your machine, even if it has support for soft

      New option: Display boot item index. When checked it will display the
      index of the boot items on the boot menu. For instance:
      1. Windows 98
      2. Linux 2.2.7
      A. Win98 Command prompt

      New option: Boot on key press. When checked the boot item is booted when
      1-9,a-n is pressed. So then pressing enter isn't necessary anymore.

      New option: Ignore mouse click. When checked instead boot isn't aborted
      when a mouse button is depressed. This is a work around for an unsolved
      bug, which may appear with serial (Logitech) mice. So, if instead boot
      doesn't do anything, try it with this option checked.

      New option: Set item as instant boot. When checked the item you boot
      will be set as instant boot item. So if you have the timeout set to
      10sec, and boot Windows, the next time XOSL is started, Windows will be
      booted after ten seconds.


      XOSL now has full LBA support. So it can now handle HDs > 8Gb, as well
      as interpret Microsoft FAT LBA and Extended LBA partitions.

      The install is now menu driven. The only option implemented is Install
      XOSL 1.1.0. Uninstall isn't yet implemented.


      When all boot items are removed, booting will fail, as well as using
      any of the Misc. Keys. XOSL itself will still work properly. After
      you have rebooted your system (e.g. with Ctrl-Alt-Del), everything
      will work fine again.

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