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2524Project Proposal, Feedback, and Inquiry

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  • rob_chi80
    Apr 24, 2007
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      I recently joined this group, because I thought it would be a good
      forum to solicit some feedback regarding a project I founded. As
      former ODP editors, I'm hoping you may have a unique perspective
      regarding the topic of "user-powered search".

      The project is called SearchSays.com (http://www.searchsays.com), a
      search tool that allows all the listings and rankings to be
      controlled by end users. We're building something that's more than a
      directory, and more than your typical bookmarking site by attracting
      users dedicated to indexing quality listings.

      (Incidentally, we were launched prior to Jimmy Wales' announcement
      in Dec.)

      Anyway, if you have the time, please send some feedback. We're
      continuing to look for active participants, and certainly former odp
      editors would be a welcome addition to the community.