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Call for Participation: Processing XML Efficiently

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  • B Tommie Usdin
    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION International Symposium on Processing XML Efficiently: Overcoming Limits on Space, Time, or Bandwidth Monday August 10, 2009 Hotel
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      International Symposium on Processing XML Efficiently:
      Overcoming Limits on Space, Time, or Bandwidth

      Monday August 10, 2009
      Hotel Europa, Montréal, Canada

      Chair: Michael Kay, Saxonica
      Details: http://www.balisage.net/Processing/

      Developers have said it: "XML is too slow!", where "slow" can mean many
      things including elapsed time, throughput, latency, memory use, and
      bandwidth consumption. The aim of this one-day symposium is to understand
      these problems better and to explore and share approaches to solving them.


      Proposals for presentations at the Processing Symposium may address any
      aspect of processing XML efficiently. We welcome:

      * Theoretical discussions
      * Practical experience and case studies
      * Product talks (if clearly identified as such)
      * Discussions of:
      - software design to facilitate processing
      - document design to facilitate processing
      - management of XML applications in a processing-intensive environment
      - measuring efficiency of XML processing
      * and related topics and approaches.

      Submission Instructions

      Submissions are due on or before April 24, 2009. To submit a proposal to
      the Processing XML Symposium send email to info@..., including:

      1. Your name, email, affiliation, and telephone number
      2. Title of your presentation
      3. Short description of your topic (150 words)
      4. Detailed description of your topic and presentation. (It would be a
      convenience to the organizers of symposium submissions were in XML
      according to the guidelines and model for Balisage submissions, but
      this is not required.)
      5. Biographical information on all authors
      6. Any other information you think will help the conference committee
      evaluate your proposed presentation

      Hyde Park Speaker's Corner

      During the day, Symposium attendees may submit mini-proposals for five
      minute time-slots; these five-minute presentations will be given during
      the "Hyde Park Speaker's Corner" session in the afternoon. Speakers will
      be encouraged to divide their five minutes into two parts: three minutes
      during which they may state opinions, preferences, or experiences relating
      to processing XML efficiently, and two minutes during which the other
      attendees may react. If there are more proposals than can be accommodated
      proposals from people who have not already spoken will be preferred, and
      random selections from the remaining proposals will be made. As at the
      "Speaker's Corner" in London's Hyde Park, there will be virtually no
      restrictions on allowed content. However, the Symposium's organizers
      will terminate presentations that are not clearly related to the symposium
      topic, that are disrespectful of others or their points of view, or that are
      still incomplete after five minutes have elapsed.

      There is nothing so practical as a good theory

      Balisage: The Markup Conference 2009 mailto:info@...
      August 11-14, 2009 http://www.balisage.net
      Processing XML Efficiently: August 10, 2009 Montreal, Canada
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