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[ANN] oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author 9.2

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  • George Cristian Bina
    Hello, A new version of oXygen is available from our website http://www.oxygenxml.com Version 9.2 introduces a new XML Author edition specially tuned for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2008
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      A new version of oXygen is available from our website

      Version 9.2 introduces a new XML Author edition specially tuned for
      content authors providing a well designed interface for XML editing by
      keeping only the relevant authoring features. The major additions in
      oXygen XML Editor 9.2 are related to the WYSIWYG-like editing support
      and in particular to the DITA support. The general visual editing
      improvements include displaying the resolved content in the editor and
      navigation through links. With the new DITA features that include a new
      DITA map editor, actions for inserting conref links, a tight integration
      of the latest version of the DITA Open Toolkit, oXygen XML Editor
      becomes the leading DITA editor and the easiest to use. Other
      improvements are browsing of XML databases using WebDAV connections,
      better handling of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text, support for
      the IntelĀ® XML Software Suite and multiple component updates.

      For the complete list of new features and more information please visit

      New in version 9.2:

      oXygen now offers a version specially suited for XML authoring enhancing
      the authors productivity by providing a clean and easy to use interface.
      The new oXygen XML Author is available both as a separate product
      (standalone and Eclipse plugin) and also as a part of oXygen XML Editor.

      The DITA support reaches maturity with the new additions in version 9.2.
      The new DITA maps manager allows viewing and editing DITA map files and
      also acts as a project manager allowing to open different topics for
      editing. The tool chain for generating DITA output in a multitude of
      formats (XHTML, PDF, HTML, JavaHelp, Eclipse Help, DocBook, etc.) is
      ready to use out of the box as oXygen tightly integrates the latest
      version of the DITA Open Toolkit through its normal transformation
      scenarios support. There is also special support for easily inserting
      content references.

      Version 9.2 provides also significant improvements for the generic
      WYSIWYG editing support. The authors can have an overview of the actual
      document with the included/referred content presented in the editor. The
      support for navigation using links makes going from a reference to the
      referred content just a click away.

      To enhance productivity with XML schema validation and XSLT
      transformation using IntelĀ® XML Software Suite, oXygen XML Editor 9.2
      provides special support to easily configure and use the Intel XML
      Software Suite in its normal development work flow.

      There are also improvements in the support for XML Schema, Schematron,
      XML databases and XML editing.

      A number of components were updated to their latest version. These
      include the DITA Open Toolkit (, the DocBook XML framework
      (schema version 5.0 and stylesheets version 1.73.2) and the Saxon B XSLT
      processor from Saxonica ( oXygen XML editor supports also the
      Saxon SA (that requires a separate license from Saxonica).

      Best Regards,
      George Cristian Bina
      <oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger
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