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XML WithStyle 1.0 Beta now available!

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  • Mark Derricutt
    ... Today Software WithStyle released a beta version of XML WithStyle. XML WithStyle is a WYSIWYG XML content editor with the look of the published page and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2005
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      --- Forwarding to the list ---

      Today Software WithStyle released a beta version of XML WithStyle. XML
      WithStyle is a WYSIWYG XML content editor with the 'look' of the
      published page and the 'feel' of a word processor. For more information
      on XML WithStyle, please see xmlwithstyle.com.

      We are keen for you to put XML WithStyle through its paces and report
      bugs to us as well as any comments you may have on its features and
      usability. To this end, we have established the XML WithStyle Beta Program.

      The beta program provides you with an early preview of the XML WithStyle
      product prior to the commercial release of version 1.0. It allows you to:

      1. conduct beta testing of the software to assist us in identifying
      2. provide constructive feedback about the product to help us better
      serve your needs, and
      3. conduct a preliminary evaluation of the product prior to the 1.0

      If you're not a technical person and don't know anything about XML,
      don't worry! XML WithStyle is actually designed for you! It is targeted
      at non-technical business users. To make things straight-forward, it
      offers a familiar word processor-style user interface with a rich,
      WYSIWYG workspace. This makes editing just like typing straight into a
      published web page or printed document (subject to the look and feel used).

      XML WithStyle does differ from the word processor and HTML editors you
      might be familiar with because it is a structured editor. This means
      that it ensures your content is structured according to pre-configured
      rules - according to the XML vocabulary you are using. This means that
      you can focus on the structure of your content and what it means rather
      than what it looks like. This can be a big paradigm shift if you are
      used to being creative with fonts and colors but working this way has
      big payoffs for organizations that want to maximize the value of the
      content their staff author.

      For the more technically minded, XML WithStyle showcases the breadth of
      the WithStyle UI technology including deep structured editing
      capabilities as well as CSS-base rendering. Aside from several commodity
      components such as HTML Tidy and ASpell, all of XML WithStyle is written
      in VisualWorks Smalltalk.

      Largely because of the additional work to port the APIs to non-Smalltalk
      components across to other platforms, the XML WithStyle beta is
      available for Windows operating systems only at this stage. We intend to
      make the product available for additional platforms in the future as
      this is one of the big strengths of VisualWorks Smalltalk. In fact, I'm
      using the XML editing functionality of XML WithStyle right now - in the
      guise of Bottom Line - to type these words on Mac OS 10.4. See our case
      study on Bottom Line to learn about how that application benefits from
      the same XML editing technology as XML WithStyle.

      Although we have a good deal of work to do before the commercial 1.0
      release, we feel that XML WithStyle provides a rich set of functionality
      at this point in a market space that continues to lack genuinely usable
      and cost-effective products for non-technical users.

      We hope that you take the time to download the XML WithStyle beta and
      send us your comments. This will help us to make the commercial release
      even better and tailored to your needs.

      Download now and enjoy using our latest creation!

      -- From Rowan Bunning, Product Manager of XML WithStyle.
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