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ANN: Next Tri-XML monthly meeting on Web Services (Tuesday, November 11, 2003) -- long

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  • Kay Ethier
    Hello Taggers: The next Tri-XML meeting is going to be a joint meeting with the new Triangle Area Web Services group. (Tri-XML meets in the Research Triangle
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
      Hello Taggers:

      The next Tri-XML meeting is going to be a joint meeting with the new
      Triangle Area Web Services group. (Tri-XML meets in the Research
      Triangle Park are of North Carolina. We hold monthly meetings on XML and
      related technologies.) The November meeting is at our regular times:
      networking 6:00pm, presentation 6:15pm, and adjourn 8:00pm. This meeting
      will have two presentations on Web Services.


      "The state of XML-based Web services and current industry examples" by
      Bob Brauer
      - This presentation will present the current state of XML-based Web
      services, current industry examples and the exciting opportunities that
      Web services offers.

      Presenter Bio:
      Bob Brauer is a Co-Founder of StrikeIron, an innovative Web services
      software company based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Bob is
      the visionary behind StrikeIron, a member of its core software
      development team and responsible for product management and business
      development. He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer for the
      DataFlux Corporation, an advanced database management software company
      that was acquired by SAS Institute in 2000. Prior to Dataflux, Bob was a
      software engineer with Seer Technologies and received a Computer Science
      degree from the Ohio State University. Bob is a member of The Atlantis
      Group (an angel investment group), an author and a frequent guest
      speaker at technology industry conferences.


      "SOAP Web Services & XML: Three Sides Of The Elephant" by Michael D.
      - This presentation presents web services from a distinctly XML
      perspective. As a starting point, the ancient parable about three blind
      men studying an elephant is used. Each man thinks it is something
      different because no one has the whole perspective. XML is like that.
      XML can be a document, a data structure or a programming language.
      SOAP-based web services utilize XML in all three ways. You'll see how as
      you learn the basic architecture of web services.


      Michael D. Thomas is a software developer, architect, author and
      lecturer living in Raleigh, N.C. He began working with XML-based web
      services in 1997. He has authored two books, "Java Programming For The
      Internet" and "Oracle XSQL" and is working on a third book about J2EE
      and web services. He specializes in J2EE applications, web services,
      databases, and XML. Throughout his career he has worked as both an
      engineer and an architect on numerous projects using web services, J2EE,
      Java, XML, XSLT, .NET, various databases, and other fun technologies. He
      regularly delivers lectures on these technologies at universities, large
      software companies, conferences and user groups in addition to providing
      professional training. In 1998, IBM awarded him the "Outstanding
      Technical Achievement Award" for his development work.

      This meeting is being held at MCNC
      Building #1- Conference Room A
      RSVP to mailto:kethier@... to reserve a seat... We do need
      RSVPs for this meeting.
      There is no fee to attend this meeting. Tri-XML is sponsor-supported.

      This November meeting is sponsored by StrikeIron, Inc.
      (www.strikeiron.com) and Bright Path Solutions (www.travelthepath.com).

      Thank you,

      Tri-XML Programs Manager

      Kay Ethier
      - FrameMaker/Structured FrameMaker Consultant & Trainer
      - WebWorks University Trainer
      - co-Author, XML WEEKEND CRASH COURSE (see amazon.com for details)
      - contributing author, ADVANCED FRAMEMAKER (coming soon)
      Bright Path Solutions
      PO Box 14265
      Research Triangle Park NC 27709-4265
      DIRECT CELL PHONE: 919.244.8559
      MAIN PHONE: 919.656.2653
      FAX: 919.474.9223
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