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Re: [xml-doc] Using XML for Embedded help system

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  • oeschger@netscape.com
    Hi Denise If you have the right chunks of the Mozilla browser installed on that client device, then you ll find an XSLT processor in the browser itself. In
    Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2003
      Hi Denise
      If you have the right chunks of the Mozilla browser installed on that
      client device, then you'll find an XSLT processor in the browser itself.
      In other words, Mozilla will display HTML (or more display-friendly XML,
      XHTML, or whatever) that's been dynamically generated from XML pages
      that load XSLT stylesheets. It does the transforms and displays the
      results in the output type you specify. This article provides a basic
      overview of Gecko/Mozilla support for XSLT:



      deniseymcconnell wrote:

      >I am new to the group and found some postings related to what I am
      >trying to achieve; however, finding the exact mechanisms to work
      >within the constraints of the system I want to develop help for using
      >XML is becoming very frustrating.
      >I am researching how to embed help on a system that uses Linux OS,
      >and Apache Web-server, but does not have a web-browser. The web-
      >browser is located on an external device that uses Windows CE and a
      >pared down version of Mozilla, and only supports simple black and
      >white text.
      >The help file resides on the same storage device as Linux and Apache
      >for portability reasons, the user accesses the help through the
      >external device that is running straight HTML by pushing a button
      >that simulates mouse clicks, (similiar to an ATM machine, or printer).
      >After much debate and design changes to this system, the only thing I
      >could find that will work is XML. I am looking for resources to
      >finish writing about this concept and the mechanism to achieve HTML
      >output to the external device.
      >So, the concept is to use an XML text file, and some type of XSLT
      >processor to display the appropriate output to the external device.
      >The static html page would have an embedded lin to a topic title that
      >points to the correct tag in the XML file. The XSLT would generate
      >the output. I am a hands-on person and don't understand everything
      >that this would entail calls, processes etc to make produce the final
      >product. Can anyone give any suggestion, comments or resources to
      >finish my research? Thanks in advance.
      >Denise Mcconnell
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