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OEBPS 1.2 Review period ends May 27

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  • Allen_Renear
    A reminder that the review period for OEBPS 1.2 Draft Document ends on May 27. Please send any comments to commentsoebps12@openebook.org. We would also
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      A reminder that the review period for OEBPS 1.2 "Draft Document"
      ends on May 27. Please send any comments to commentsoebps12@....
      We would also appreciate hearing from anyone who has reviewed the draft,
      regardless of whether or not they have any questions, proposed
      corrections, or other specific comments.

      Information about accessing the document, and about the nature of this set
      of revisions, can be found below in the original announcement.

      Thank you.

      Allen Renear
      Chair, Publication Structure Working Group

      Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 22:48:29 -0400 (EDT)
      From: Allen_Renear <allen@...>
      Reply-To: renear@...
      To: xml-doc@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Comments requested: OEBPS 1.2 "Draft Document"

      Public comment is invited on version 1.2 of the OEBF Publication
      Structure, now a "Draft Document" undergoing OEBF membership review

      Copies of the specification, in several formats are available at:


      This version responds directly to the highest priority request from the
      OEBPS publishing community: enhanced support for content provider
      control over presentation.

      We emphasize that OEB 1.2 is not, by itself, the "new OEBPS specification"
      that that has been under development, although it is, conceptually, part
      of that specification. Original planning for the new OEBPS specification
      identified, as reported earlier, four areas for enhancement: content
      provider control over presentation, support for international content,
      linking and navigation functionality, and metadata support. The WG has
      worked intensely over the last year and a half and has made considerable
      progress in several of these areas. However we decided, with the approval
      of the OEBF Board and Systems Working Group, that rather than delaying the
      release of completed work in presentation control, the highest priority
      area, until all enhancements were completed, we should make presentation
      control work available now, particularly as it could be done with minimal
      impact on the conformance of existing content.

      Consequently OEBPS 1.2 is a tightly constrained update to OEBPS 1.0.1: it
      provides a great deal of new functionality in the area of presentation
      control, but it deliberately minimizes all other changes to 1.0.1. This
      deliberate restriction allows us to (i) make available high priority
      enhancements sooner rather than later, (ii) maximize compatibility with
      existing OEBPS content, and (iii) better factor the differences between
      between 1.2 and and 2.0.

      The relationship between OEBPS 1.0.1 and OEBPS 1.2 is more explicitly
      described in the OEBPS 1.2 submitted specification in section 1.4.4
      ("Compatibility of Version 1.2"), section 1.7 ("Future Directions"), and
      APPENDIX D ("Differences Between the Basic OEBPS 1.2 and 1.0.1 Document
      Vocabularies") and we strongly encourage reviewers to turn immediately to
      these sections in order to understand the limited scope and intentions of
      OEBPS 1.2.

      The review period ends at midnight ET May 27 2002.
      Please send comments to commentsoebps12@...

      Allen Renear
      Chair, OEBF Publication Structure Working Group

      Allen Renear V: 217-265-5216 E: renear@...
      Graduate School of Library and Information Science
      University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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