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who can tell me how to write my own application using java and xml-dbms

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    Hi, everybody! who could tell me how to write my own application using java and xml-dbms ?I want a completely example which can describe the develop
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2007
      Hi, everybody!
      who could tell me how to write my own application using java and xml-dbms ?I want a completely example which can describe the develop steps.i hava a example ,but it have some errors which i can not correct them.the code is as follow:

      import org.xmlmiddleware.db.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.utils.XMLMiddlewareException;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.actions.ActionCompiler;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.actions.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.datahandlers.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.filters.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.keygenerators.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.maps.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.maps.factories.*;
      import org.xmlmiddleware.xmlutils.*;
      import org.xml.sax.*;
      import org.w3c.dom.*;
      import java.io.*;
      import java.util.*;
      import javax.sql.*;
      public class XMLToDBMSAndViceVersa
      // Service objects
      private DOMToDBMS domToDBMS = null;
      private DBMSToDOM dbmsToDOM = null;
      private DBMSDelete dbmsDelete = null;
      // Credentials for connecting to database
      private static String JDBC_DRIVER = "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver";
      private static String JDBC_URL = "jdbc:odbc:xmldbms";
      private static String JDBC_DBNAME = "test";
      private static String JDBC_USER = "sa";
      private static String JDBC_PASSWORD = "sa";
      // Some file names
      private static String mapFilename = "Listing-A.map";
      private static String actionFilename = "Listing-C.act";
      private static String filterFilename = "Listing-D.act";
      // Datahandler class
      private static String GENERICHANDLER = "org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.datahandlers.GenericHandler";
      // Key generation class
      private static String KEYGENERATOR = "org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.keygenerators.KeyGenerator";
      // Parser utils class; XML-DBMS does not yet support JAXP, so such operations as XML parsing and serializing
      // needs to be a little customized for each parser. this is the class for supporting Xerces parser.
      private static String PARSERUTILSCLASS = "org.xmlmiddleware.xmlutils.external.ParserUtilsXerces";
      private static boolean VALIDATING_PARSER = false;
      public static void main(String [] args) {
      // Tell the JVM to run finalizers on exit. This is necessary to ensure
      // that database connections are properly closed.
      // Creating parser utilities
      ParserUtils utils = (ParserUtils)Class.forName(PARSERUTILSCLASS).newInstance();
      // Creating a data source and data handler.
      DataSource dataSource = new JDBC1DataSource(JDBC_DRIVER, JDBC_URL);
      DataHandler dataHandler = (DataHandler)Class.forName(GENERICHANDLER).newInstance();
      dataHandler.initialize(dataSource, JDBC_USER, JDBC_PASSWORD);
      // Compiling and instantiating a Map object
      MapCompiler compiler1 = new MapCompiler(utils.getXMLReader(VALIDATING_PARSER));
      XMLDBMSMap map = compiler1.compile(new InputSource(new FileReader(mapFilename)));
      // Create an object containing information needed to transfer data
      TransferInfo transferInfo = new TransferInfo(map);
      transferInfo.addDataHandler(JDBC_DBNAME, dataHandler);
      // Compiling and instantiating an Action object
      ActionCompiler compiler2 = new ActionCompiler(utils.getXMLReader(VALIDATING_PARSER));
      Actions actions = compiler2.compile(map, new InputSource(new FileReader(actionFilename)));
      // Creating and configuring service object
      domToDBMS = new DOMToDBMS();
      KeyGenerator keyGen = (KeyGenerator)Class.forName(KEYGENERATOR).newInstance();
      domToDBMS.addKeyGenerator("UID", keyGen); // Adding used in Listing-A key generator named UID
      // Getting our XML document into DOM document
      Document doc = utils.openDocument(new InputSource(new StringReader(xmlString)),VALIDATING_PARSER);
      // Ooops... and our XML file is already in the database!
      domToDBMS.storeDocument(transferInfo, doc, actions);
      // Creating FilterSet object for retrieving data
      FilterCompiler compiler = new FilterCompiler(utils.getXMLReader(validate));
      FilterSetfilterSet = compiler.compile(map, new InputSource(new FileReader(filterFilename)));
      // Creating and configuring another service object
      dbmsToDOM = new DBMSToDOM(utils);
      dbmsToDOM.setDTDInfo(null, null);
      Hashtableparams = new Hashtable();
      // And now we are getting a DOM document from database
      doc = dbmsToDOM.retrieveDocument(transferInfo, filterSet, params, null);


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