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Re: [xml-dbms] EmtyStringIsNull Issue

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Congratulations! It looks like you re the first person to use EmptyStringIsNull with anything other than strings :) In the process, you ve found a bug... To
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2006

      It looks like you're the first person to use EmptyStringIsNull with
      anything other than strings :) In the process, you've found a bug...

      To fix this, change DOMToDBMS.setPropertyColumn() to the following:

      * Set the value for column
      private void setPropertyColumn(Row row, PropertyMap propMap, Node node)
      throws XMLMiddlewareException
      Column column;
      StringFormatter formatter;
      String nodeValue;
      Object value;

      column = propMap.getColumn();

      // Get the node value (a string).

      nodeValue = getNodeValue(node, propMap.containsXML());

      if (nodeValue != null)
      // If the node value is non-null, parse it with the column's
      // StringFormatter. The result is an Object of the type
      // to the column's SQL type.

      formatter = column.getFormatter();
      value = formatter.parse(nodeValue, column.getType());
      // If the node value is null, don't format it. Instead, just
      set the
      // value to null. Note that this code is executed only when
      // is true, which is the only time getNodeValue returns a
      null. (The other
      // way to insert a null into the database is when no node
      exists, but in
      // that case, this method is never executed.)

      value = null;

      // Set the column value to the parsed value.

      row.setColumnValue(column, value);

      -- Ron

      aaa7u wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am using the EmptyStringIsNull option, however when I have an empty
      > string tag such as <DataCount/> of data type integer, numeric, or date
      > I get the following error:
      > java.lang.NullPointerException
      > at java.text.DecimalFormat.parse(DecimalFormat.java:1217)
      > at java.text.NumberFormat.parse(NumberFormat.java:307)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.conversions.formatters.NumberFormatter.parse(NumberFormatter.java:76)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.setPropertyColumn(DOMToDBMS.java:1090)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.processProperty(DOMToDBMS.java:807)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.processChild(DOMToDBMS.java:685)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.processChildren(DOMToDBMS.java:630)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.processClassRow(DOMToDBMS.java:544)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.processRoot(DOMToDBMS.java:447)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.storeDocument(DOMToDBMS.java:368)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.DOMToDBMS.storeDocument(DOMToDBMS.java:317)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.Transfer.storeDocumentInternal(Transfer.java:845)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.Transfer.storeDocument(Transfer.java:484)
      > at sorts_rcv.Sorts_Rcv.ProcessFiles(Sorts_Rcv.java:275)
      > at sorts_rcv.Sorts_Rcv.main(Sorts_Rcv.java:82)
      > I have no issue with empty tags representing String fields and my XML
      > processing into the database if I remove the empty tags. I have no
      > control over the XML-Schema so I can not remove the empty tags. Does
      > anyone know what my problem might be? Thanks
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