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943Re: [xml-dbms] I can't store XML documents in Oracle with Transfer.

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Apr 6, 2001
      "Jisim,Kim" wrote:
      > I solved the problem about "KeyException" by replace "Generate='yes'"
      > with "Generate='no'" in map file..

      This will not work if you use the map generated by GenerateMap. XML-DBMS
      needs primary keys and foreign keys to link the tables that store
      different parts of the document. The map and tables created by
      GenerateMap create special primary key columns and tell XML-DBMS to
      generate keys to put in these columns.

      > And, I would like to output update(ex.insert) statement with PreparedStatement in processing Transfer.
      > But, there is no methods to cast PreparedStatement to String.
      > Is there any other method?

      I don't understand this. Could you give me an example of what you want?

      -- Ron
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