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394Re: [xml-dbms] Sample Program 'Transfer': difficulties geting it to Work

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Nov 1 10:36 AM
      Some parsers (I can't remember which ones) require you to give a
      complete path to the DTD. For example, instead of using the following
      DOCTYPE statement:

      <!DOCTYPE XMLToDBMS SYSTEM "xmldbms.dtd">

      you need to use:

      <!DOCTYPE XMLToDBMS SYSTEM "C:\xmldbms\samples\xmldbms.dtd">

      (or whatever your directory is).

      Note that you can also simply remove the DOCTYPE statement altogether.
      When reading a map document, XML-DBMS assumes it is valid (with
      unpredictable results if it is not). Therefore, if you are sure your map
      is valid, you don't need the DTD. This has the advantage of being faster
      than if validation is performed. On the other hand, if you want the
      parser to validate the document, you need to include the DTD.

      (Not doing validation may require changes to the code in Transfer, as
      some parsers have options to specify whether you want to do validation
      or not. You will need to check your parser documentation about this.)

      -- Ron

      P.S. Adam -- it would probably be a good idea to add a Validate Map
      check-box to the GUI and Transfer API somewhere.

      mahons@... wrote:

      > Its my first time using XML-dbms and I'm having a few problems
      > getting the samples to work. I have set up a database with the
      > required tables. Yet when I run the 'Transfer' program with the
      > product.map and product_in.xml files I keep getting an error:
      > "External Entity not found: 'xmldbms.dtd'"
      > I have placed this file in the same directory and still it won't
      > work. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong?.

      Ronald Bourret
      Programming, Writing, and Training
      XML, Databases, and Schemas
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