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3854Use of InlineMap Element

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  • Ruchika Israni
    May 26, 2009
      Hi Ron,

      I want to skip certain elements in my xml because they do not correspond to any structure in the database and map the child to a table in the database. I am not sure whether or not that can be done with the InlineMap tag. Here is the partial structure of my xml :
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <storedHU xmlns:aml="http://www.atlasti.com/hu/ns2003"
      lastSaved="2008-09-15T14:28:34" creator="ATLAS.ti" method="AML (ATLAS Markup Language)" version="WIN 5.2 (Build 0)">

      <hermUnit name="masterFLOSSFireandGaimHU09072008" au="Super" cdate="2007-06-18T20:20:52" mdate="2008-09-08T22:36:17" lastPD="816" prot="private" />
      <coAuthor name="coAuthor1">

      <dataSources size="2" >
      <dataSource id="1" loc="<HUPATH>\FLOSS\Docs\gaim-sample\gaim-2004-06-23-18-10-00-37-3216.txt" mime="text/plain" />
      <dataSource id="2" loc="<HUPATH>\FLOSS\Docs\gaim-sample\gaim-2006-01-26-04-30-00-37-7064.txt" mime="text/plain" />

      In the above xml, storedHU and hermUnit correspond to their respective tables. There is no table corresponding to the dataSources element however, I want to insert data into the datasource table in the database. Is there any way by which this can be done? I went through the FAQs and related posts in the group and accordingly tried to play around with the <InlineMap> tag. However, no avail.

      Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

      Many thanks in anticipation.

      Ruchika Israni
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