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3851Re: No KeyGenerator added for the key generator named HighLow

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  • kyle93ser
    Oct 9, 2008

      Is there a newer release than Alpha3?

      I am attempting to use xml-dbms with Nessus a popular security
      vulnerability scanner.

      I have everything loaded, database seHighLow.javtup and am trying to
      test the sample code and am getting the same error as the guy that
      started this thread.

      I don't know alot about JAVA, and am using your code on an Ubunutu box.

      I have never created a jar file, but I'm going to find out how to here
      shortly. I downloaded the HighLow.JAVA file, and will try to build
      the jar file with it.

      If you have any other inputs, please let me know.. thanks!

      --- In xml-dbms@yahoogroups.com, Ronald Bourret <rpbourret@...> wrote:
      > ardavan_kanani wrote:
      > > Yes I am using alpha 3. Is there a newer version? I downloaded the
      > > latest files from CVS and failed to compile the files.
      > The CVS files are newer than the alpha 3 files, but I have not done a
      > formal alpha 4 release yet. I still have more changes I want to make
      > before I do this.
      > Which files failed and what were the compile errors? I would expect that
      > the only files you would have trouble with are:
      > -- the files in org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.datahandlers.external
      > -- the files in org.xmlmiddlware.db (if you are using JDK 1.2 or later)
      > The files in org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.datahandlers.external do not
      > matter if you are not using the specified databases/JDBC drivers.
      > To compile the files in org.xmlmiddleware.db, you need to uncomment
      > various lines in the code -- see the comments in the code for details.
      > > I am not putting the HighLow and KeyGenerator in orders.map. In fact
      > > I am creating the orders.map and orders.sql using the mapmanager
      > > running the following command:
      > >
      > > java org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.MapManager File1=parser.props
      > > File2=db.props Input=DTD DTDFile=orders.dtd Output1=Map
      > > MapFile=orders.map Output2=SQL SQLFile=orders.sql
      > You are (indirectly) putting HighLow in orders.map. The map manager
      > always uses generated keys and the HighLow key generator when it
      > generates a map from a DTD. This is because the map manager cannot
      > identify which element types / attributes to use as primary keys, so it
      > has no choice but to use generated keys.
      > This is a perfect example of why you should not use a map generated by
      > the map manager without first checking that the generated map makes
      > sense. In the case of a map generated from orders.dtd, there are two
      > problems:
      > 1) The map uses generated keys even though there are element types and
      > attributes in the DTD that could be used as primary and foreign keys.
      > 2) The map generator incorrectly determines the relationship between
      > some of the tables. For example, it assumes that there is a one-to-many
      > relationship between the sales order table and the customers table and
      > places the primary key in this relationship in the sales order table. In
      > fact, it is the other way around -- there is a many-to-one relationship
      > between these two tables and the primary key is in the customers table.
      > > JavaDoc does not contain any info about
      > > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.keygenerators.HighLow.
      > Worse yet -- I just noticed that the HighLow class isn't even shipped in
      > the alpha 3 release. (The reason was that it wasn't written until after
      > the alpha 3 release was made.)
      > You can download this from the CVS tree. Be sure to use version 1.1.
      > Later versions probably won't work with the rest of the alpha 3 code.
      > > I am not exactly sure what you mean by Tell the high/low key
      > > generator how to connect to the database, which
      > > > means specifying these properties on your call to Transfer. For
      > >
      > > Could you send me an example?
      > Once you've downloaded the correct version of HighLow.java, you can
      > either generate the JavaDoc for it or just look at the comments at the
      > start of the class -- these contain an example.
      > > Thanks, Ardavan Kanani
      > You're welcome, and sorry about all the confusion on this.
      > -- Ron
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