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3850VTD-XML 2.3 released

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  • Jimmy Zhang
    Mar 7, 2008
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      Version 2.3 of VTD-XML (http://vtd-xml.sf.net), the next generation
      document-centric XML processing model, is now released. To download
      the latest version please visit

      Below is a list of new features and enhancements in this version.

      * VTDException is now introduced as the root class for all other VTD-
      XML's exception classes (per suggestion of Max Rahder).
      * Transcoding capability is now added for inter-document cut and
      paste. You can cut a chuck of bytes in a UTF-8 encoded document and
      paste it into a UTF-16 encoded document and the output document is
      still well-formed.
      * ISO-8859-10, ISO-8859-11, ISO-8859-12, ISO-8859-13, ISO-8859-14
      ISO-8859-15 support has now been added
      * Zero length Text node is now possible.
      * Ability to dump in-memory copy of text is added.
      * Various code cleanup, enhancement and bug fixes.

      Below are some new articles related to VTD-XML

      * Index XML documents with VTD-XML http://xml.sys-
      * Manipulate XML content the Ximple Way
      * VTD-XML: A new vision of XML
      * VTD-XML: XML Processing for the future