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3844Re: [xml-dbms] how to how to use manager tool and transfer the data in xml to sqlserver2000

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Oct 25 9:19 PM

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

      I tried this on my computer and was unable to recreate your error. I
      then looked at the code for MapManager.createMapFromDTD. I cannot see
      any code that looks like it might throw a null pointer exception.

      I then tried deleting db.props, parser.props, and orders.dtd, but this
      caused a FileNotFoundException.

      Can you debug the code and see which line is causing the error? If you
      do not have a debugger, you can insert the following line into the code:

      System.out.println("I am here.");

      and run the code. When you place this before the statement that causes
      the error, this will print "I am here." on your command line. When you
      place this after the statement that causes the error, this will not
      print out. You will then know which line causes the error.


      -- Ron

      P.S. This mailing list does not accept attachments. This is to prevent
      the spread of viruses. If you want to send text files (such as map
      files), you need to include the information in your message. Thanks.

      �ffffffffffc0�ffffffffffee wrote:

      > After i config the environment ,i use the commandline as follow:
      > E:\xmldbms20alpha3\samples>java
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.MapManager File1
      > =parser.props File2=db.props Input=DTD DTDFile=orders.dtd Output1=Map
      > MapFile=or
      > ders.map Output2=SQL SQLFile=orders.sql
      > then the errors occur as follow:
      > java.lang.NullPointerException
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.MapManager.createMapFromDTD(MapManage
      > r.java:614)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.MapManager.dispatch(MapManager.java:407)
      > at
      > org.xmlmiddleware.xmldbms.tools.MapManager.main(MapManager.java:348)
      > I can not resolve them by myself.help me please
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