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3696Re: [xml-dbms] Re: Table not found error

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Jun 2, 2005
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      Mismatched elements is due to this bug:


      Briefly, XML-DBMS accesses internal column information by column number.
      When it constructs the select statements, it knows the column numbers
      (so RetrieveDocumentByFilter works). When you construct the select
      statement, it needs to retrieve the column numbers from the result set
      metadata; the alpha 3 version of Transfer didn't do this and the message
      shows how to fix the code.

      -- Ron

      sctt_bainbridge wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I have checked the map and filter files and made sure everything
      > matches. I have just re-done the table as all varchar's and it works
      > but it seems to be mapping the wrong fields to the wrong elements.
      > Using the SAME map file and the RetreiveDocumentbyFilter method all
      > is fine, if I then try RetreiveDocumentbySQL the elements are miss-
      > matched. The error was becuase it was trying to map an integer field
      > to a string element. I tried specifying the order with:
      > Select field1,field2... but this makes no difference. I am totally
      > sure I am using the same map file for both the filter retreive and
      > the sql retreive.
      > At this moment I can use the RetreiveDocumentbyFilter so I can do
      > what I want to do so not a show stopper but it would be nice to have
      > teh SQL functionality. Should I do the chnages to the Transfer calss
      > as per the messages to fix this. All of the fields in the table are
      > mapped in the map file and it works with the Filter just not with
      > the Sql.
      > It's a great product and as I said I am up and running but wanted to
      > see if the Sql stuff would work for me.
      > Thanks,
      > Scott.
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