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2960Re: [xml-dbms] No More Statement Handles

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Jun 1, 2003
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      Are you using version 1.x or version 2.0? If you are using version 2.0,
      what DataSource are you using? I have a bad feeling that statements and
      connections are not being properly closed or recycled in the DataSources
      shipped with version 2.0 (JDBC1DataSource and JDBC2DataSource) but have
      not had time to look at this yet.

      If you are using version 2.0 and one of the XML-DBMS DataSources, you
      might try using a third-party DataSource that handles connection and
      statement pooling. (This would require you to use DBMSToDOM directly,
      rather than using Transfer, if that is what you are using.)

      -- Ron

      contactcp wrote:
      > I am using xml-dbms to retrieve a xml from DB2-UDB database. The root
      > element in the map file has a depth of 5 Levels and the retrieved xml
      > can have more than 50,000 elements. I got the following error when I
      > was trying to Pull not more than 2000 elements.
      > [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0129E No more handles. SQLSTATE=HY014
      > DB2 - Solution for the error:
      > db2 => ? CLI0129E
      > CLI0129E No more handles.
      > Explanation: A call was made to SQLAllocEnv, SQLAllocConnect, or
      > SQLAllocStmt but no more handles are available in the driver.
      > User Response: Call SQLFreeEnv, SQLFreeConnect, or SQLFreeStmt
      > to free up some handles which are no longer being used in the
      > application.
      > I think the error is because of the shortage of Statement Handle(s).
      > Could anyone please let me know how can I release/close the Statement
      > Handle (being used in xml-dbms).
      > regards
      > Chandra Prakash
      > Ph:(603) 245 4371
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      Ronald Bourret
      Programming, Writing, and Research
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