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2861Re: [xml-dbms] Result Set problem

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Apr 10, 2003
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      The sales_rs2.map in the samples directory shows how to write a map for
      a SELECT statement that joins data from two tables. Is there a reason
      you can't generalize this to n tables?

      Also, can you explain why you are creating a result set over multiple
      tables instead of nesting the results of tables inside the results of
      other tables? Is the relationship between all the tables 1-to-1? (If the
      relationship between any of the tables is 1-to-many, returning all the
      data in a single result set means you will have duplicate data in your
      XML document.)

      -- Ron

      rene adam wrote:
      > Hello, as ardavan-kanani as done, does someone has an
      > complete example of (map file + sql file) in the case
      > of transferring data from db to xml, using Result Set
      > table, and having more than two tables? It would be so
      > helpful for me an other people, i am sure.In my db i
      > have more than 40 tables so if i have an example with
      > two tables, it is helful, if my question is not clear,
      > tell it to me and i will try to give you a short
      > example.
      > Thank you.
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