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2860Re: [xml-dbms] Result Set problem

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Apr 10, 2003
      Hmmmm. The list does not accept attachments, so your map file was
      deleted. Could you please post it in the body of a message or send it to
      me privately? Thanks.

      In answer to your question about related classes, you do not need to use
      related classes for tables in your SELECT statement. You only use
      related classes for table whose data you want nested inside the data for
      another table. For example, to get the following:


      you would map both A and B using class maps. You would also list B as a
      related class of A. That is, inside the ClassMap element for A, there
      would be a RelatedClass element for B. However, this does not appear to
      apply to you.

      -- Ron

      rene adam wrote:
      > When using the ResultSet method, i have such a
      > message:
      > Unable to retrieve the IDMEF document.
      > de.tudarmstadt.ito.xmldbms.InvalidMapException:
      > Element type IDMEF-Message was listed as a related
      > class but was never mapped.
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