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2583Re: [xml-dbms] The file is not wel- formed

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Dec 3, 2002
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      1) When you open action.dtd, are you opening it as an XML document or a
      DTD? Trying to open it as an XML document will definitely lead to
      well-formedness errors. This is because it is a DTD and doesn't have any
      elements in it. I'm not sure what the error message means...

      2) I just noticed a bug in all the version 2.0 DTDs. Because parameter
      entity substitution rules require replacement values to have a single
      space added to each end of the entity value, the resulting element type
      and attribute declarations are invalid, as a space will separate the
      prefix from the element type name. However, you will only hit this bug
      if you change the values of the p and s entities, so most people will
      never encounter it.

      -- Ron

      Haiying wrote:

      > I am new to the XML-DBMS. When I attempted to open action.dtd using
      > XML Spy 5.0, I was told that the file was not well-formed. The
      > error message "This file is not well-formed: % expected" appears
      > at the end of every empty element declaration, such as:
      > <!ELEMENT %p; Namespace EMPTY>.
      > What is wrong?
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