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2489Re: [xml-dbms] Re: Retrieving Data from One of Many Tables using a Single Map File

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  • Dongling Ding
    Sep 12, 2002
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      > How does the user enter their query? Do they just
      > type things in (which
      > means you need to parse their input) or are they
      > selecting from lists,
      > etc.?

      There are list of queries to be chose.
      > If the user is selecting from lists, etc., you can
      > do one of two things:
      > 1) Limit the number of choices that the user has.
      > You can then tie each
      > choice directly to map and filter files.

      That is what I am doing right now. But I view this
      as a workaround. At this stage we can live with this.

      > > What about XQuery? Is that going to address the
      > above
      > > issues? I hope it will.
      > Probably. If you were using XQuery, you could allow
      > the user to either
      > (a) type in an XQuery statement or (b) graphically
      > build an XQuery
      > statement. In the first case, you would simply pass
      > the user input to an
      > XQuery engine. In the second case, you would build
      > an XQuery statement
      > from the user's input and pass it to an XQuery
      > engine. Both are probably
      > easier than using XML-DBMS, although building a
      > graphical XQuery editor
      > is probably a lot of work.

      I am hoping XML-DBMS can implement Xquery in the
      near future. If not, I probabley need to think about
      other solutions. We're not considering commercial
      products right now.



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