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2424Re: roadmap & java 1.4

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  • xxx_oneill
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Hi Ron,

      Thanks again, I think I will go this route as I need this finished in
      a week or two and don't really want to lose the functionality that
      xml-dbms provides. The DB is being migrated to Oracle in the new year
      so these problems will go away then anyway.



      --- In xml-dbms@y..., Ronald Bourret <rpbourret@r...> wrote:
      > This looks like a driver bug. These are fairly common in
      > of the DatabaseMetaData class, presumably since the docs are vague.
      > You might want to check the Informix documentation and see if there
      > any restrictions on the number of result sets you can have open on a
      > single connection (this is what max active statements really
      means). If
      > there are no restrictions, then change the return value to 0, which
      > means "no restrictions".
      > While I make no guarantees, I can't think of any dangerous problems
      > can cause. If there really is a limit, the code will simply hit it
      > throw an exception.
      > -- Ron
      > Tim wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Ron,
      > >
      > > I looked in the code for getting the meta data for the connection
      and it returns 1 as the max statements per conncetion for the
      Informix JDBC Driver, to test things out I changed this to 10, and
      ran the program. It completed successfully and returned an XML
      document which I was able to put on my MQSeries queue. If the driver
      seems to work with more than one statement per connection why would
      it return 1 as its max. Are there hidden dangers in what I have done
      (Apart from it being a horrible hack).
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