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2423Re: [xml-dbms] Re: roadmap & java 1.4

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  • Ronald Bourret
    Aug 1 3:26 AM
      This looks like a driver bug. These are fairly common in implementations
      of the DatabaseMetaData class, presumably since the docs are vague.

      You might want to check the Informix documentation and see if there are
      any restrictions on the number of result sets you can have open on a
      single connection (this is what max active statements really means). If
      there are no restrictions, then change the return value to 0, which
      means "no restrictions".

      While I make no guarantees, I can't think of any dangerous problems this
      can cause. If there really is a limit, the code will simply hit it and
      throw an exception.

      -- Ron

      Tim wrote:
      > Hi Ron,
      > I looked in the code for getting the meta data for the connection and it returns 1 as the max statements per conncetion for the Informix JDBC Driver, to test things out I changed this to 10, and ran the program. It completed successfully and returned an XML document which I was able to put on my MQSeries queue. If the driver seems to work with more than one statement per connection why would it return 1 as its max. Are there hidden dangers in what I have done (Apart from it being a horrible hack).
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