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2109I have tried to change MapFactory_DTD.java file

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  • Kamran Qureshi
    Apr 1, 2002
      How are you?

      I have tried to change MapFactory_DTD.java file in order to get table name and column name in upper case in MAP file, but I failed to do this. I am using ver1.0.1. Actually what I want is that, listed is example MAP file in that file TABLE NAME and Column Names are not in upper case. I want that the map file which is generated from GenerateMap.class should give table and column name in this format
      For Table Name
      <Table Name="CUSTOMERS"/> instead of <Table Name="Customers"/>
      Similarly For Column Name
      <Column Name="NUMBER"/> instead of <Column Name="Number"/>
      And For OrderColumn Name
      <OrderColumn Name="NUMBER" Generate="No"/>

      Instead of <OrderColumn Name="Number" Generate="No"/>

      Meaning that only these things in Upper case. How can I go this and where this change will be made Please help me?

      I am looking am for your kind favor.



      =================== Example Map File ==============================


      <ElementType Name="Customer"/>


      <Table Name="Customers"/>





      <Attribute Name="CustNumber"/>


      <Column Name="Number"/>




      <ElementType Name="Line"/>

      <CandidateKey Generate="No">

      <Column Name="Number"/>



      <Column Name="SONumber"/>


      <OrderColumn Name="Number" Generate="No"/>




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