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121Re: [xml-dbms] Data truncation on insert not an error?

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  • Phil Friedman
    Jun 21, 2000

      Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere has an option at the database level (it
      affects all connections to the database)



      Determines whether an error is raised when an INSERT or UPDATE truncates a CHAR or VARCHAR string.

      Allowed values
      ON, OFF


      If the truncated characters consist only of spaces, no exception is raised. The setting of ON corresponds to ANSI/ISO SQL/92 behavior. When it is set to OFF, the exception is not raised and the character string is silently truncated.

      Set the string_rtruncation option
      Both Adaptive Server Enterprise and Adaptive Server Anywhere support the string_rtruncation option, which affects error message reporting when an INSERT or UPDATE string is truncated. Ensure that each database has the option set to the same value.

      Regards, Philip Friedman -- Terralink Software Systems -- 207-772-6500 x101

      On Mon, 29 May 2000 15:53:15 -0000, "Ronald Bourret" <rpbourret@...> may have written:

      |I'm using the JDBC-ODBC bridge with the MS Access ODBC driver and MS
      |Access. When I transfer a string value from XML to the database and
      |the value is too large for the column -- for example, the value is
      |characters long and the column is Text(50) -- the value is still
      |transferred but it is truncated.
      |I expected that this would be an error (and throw a DataTruncation or
      |SQLException exception) as it is in ODBC and the international
      |standard on which ODBC and JDBC are based. (JDBC is more vague,
      |that truncation on input "should", rather than "must", raise an
      |Does anybody know if this is simply a problem with my driver? Or can
      |people insert truncated values into other databases?
      |-- Ron Bourret
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