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112Re: Data truncation on insert not an error?

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  • Andrew Hedges
    Jun 16, 2000
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      I only found XMLDBMS yesterday so it's possible I'm missing something,
      but I'm getting data truncation in a MS Access database even though
      the field is defined as a "memo" ie unlimited size. I'm using the
      supplied document.xml example, and the ParaPCDATA row that starts
      "XML-DBMS is a set of ..." is truncated at 255 characters. Does this
      point to a problem with the ODBC driver reposrting field sizes? Has
      anyone else tried a memo field, or got the whole line to store any
      other way? If you could never have PCDATA longer than 255 characters
      it would be essentially useless for documents.


      > >Is there a possibility to breack the insert statement if the value
      to be
      > >inserted is too large? I mean with MS Access.
      > I think the problem is with Access. I have the same problem with
      > Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge, which eliminates Sun's JDBC-ODBC bridge
      as the
      > source of the problem. The other possibility is the ODBC driver,
      > seems unlikely that the driver would check for this, as it is
      usually the
      > database's job. Furthermore, Access often doesn't follow the
      standards in
      > its SQL support, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was just one
      > example.
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