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  • starscream666_1999
    1.David boreanaz(Angel) 2.Mark Wahlberg(the big hit,three kings) 3.Kanu Reeves(nuff said) 4.Sephen Dorff(Blade) 5.Skeet Ulrich (scream
    Message 1 of 2095 , Mar 1, 2000
      1.David boreanaz(Angel)<br>2.Mark Wahlberg(the
      big hit,three kings)<br>3.Kanu Reeves(nuff
      said)<br>4.Sephen Dorff(Blade)<br>5.Skeet Ulrich (scream
      1)<br>6.Jonny Depp (Sleepy Hallow)<br>7.James Masters(Spike on
      buffy the vampier slayer)<br>8.Mark-Paul
      Gosselaar(Deadman on campous)<br>9.Vincent Perez(The Crow city of
      angels)<br>10.Pee Wee Herman (still better than Van Damm!)<br><br>i
      made this list going by a poll i took on icq with
      about 150 people. the only actors i took off was Tom
      Cruis,Brad Pitt, and Vann Damm because its unlikly thay
      whould ever even do the part and ,well none of them even
      fit the part!
    • marajade285
      i ve went to the same site, and signed up, it s preety cool! jade
      Message 2095 of 2095 , Mar 25, 2003
        i've went to the same site, and signed up, it's preety cool!
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